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Legend has it that bloodtubs were designed to be longer and more oval in shape to make them easier to carry on horseback. Their small size increases the amount of contact the spirit has with the wood, which in turn helps speed up the maturation process, to produce an older tasting whisky in a shorter amount of time.
The etymology of the word hogshead is unclear, but the term has been used for centuries as a unit of measurement for commodities such as tobacco, sugar and wine. 'Hoggies' are typically assembled at cooperages in the UK from deconstructed ex-Bourbon ASBs, but we'll have ours shipped whole directly from distilleries in Kentucky.

Would you like to come in to make your whisky?

No problem! We'll do the hard work and store your cask in our warehouse until you're ready to bottle it. In the meantime, you'll get one 200ml sample of your ageing whisky every year, although you can request more for a small fee plus any applicable duty and other taxes.
A once in a lifetime opportunity to shadow our distiller for a day and learn the tricks of the trade. You can even run the stills, decide when to make the spirit cuts and fill your own cask. A tasty bistro lunch will be provided by Street Kitchen, followed by a couple of evening drams with the boys to cap off a 'hard' day's work!
Or why not bring your friends along too? Share your day at the distillery with up to 7 people and learn how to make whisky as a team! Price includes lunch for all at Street Kitchen.
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Plummage Archer
Golden Promise
Maris Otter
Not Peated
No workshop
Paulo cortado
New American Oak
New Spanish Oak
New French Oak

Your whisky will be held for a minimum of 3 years in DUTY SUSPENSION at our bonded warehouse until you request its removal for bottling, as per our BESPOKE Terms and Conditions.  At that time, all duty and VAT will be calculated - at the applicable future rates - and due for immediate payment along with any other incurred costs (e.g. bottling, labelling, shipping, etc.) before the spirit can be removed from bond. Duties and taxes can be substantial, so please feel free to contact us at for more information or guidance.

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