Dodd's Gin

Uniquely crafted at our distillery here in Battersea, London using a proprietary distillation method, we believe Dodd's Gin is not just a testament to the eponym, but to all champions of innovation.

We distill the lion's share of our organic ingredients in 'Christina', a traditional 140-litre copper alembic, but reserve the more delicate botanicals for our state-of-the-art cold vacuum still, 'Little Albion'. The two spirits are then married for several weeks before being bottled and labelled by hand.  Ralph Dodd was a serial entrepreneur, a brilliant engineering mind and an ingenious schemer of sorts. 

(£30.79 exc. VAT)
This small batch gin, created by the distillery team and co-founder Darren Rook, uses organic botanicals, which include: juniper, angelica, fresh lime peel, bay laurel, cardamom, red raspberry leaf and London honey.