This first release from our TESTBED range gives our fans the opportunity to chart the various stages of gin development, a process other distillers tend to keep a closely guarded secret.

We use varying proportions of unique, organic botanicals – including bilberry, lovage root and lavender – to give our first gin a distinct complexity while making sure it stays true to its London Dry roots with a generous dosing of juniper. Compare all four recipes side-by-side and explore the influence each of these weird and wonderful ingredients have on the spirit.The world’s first Anglo-American Gin is available now in a pack of 4 x 10cl bottles for a limited time only.

(£20.83 exc. VAT)
Distilled in New York. Bottled in London. Package artwork illustrated by TESTBED1 manager and Doodle Bar co-conspirator, Jasmin Ford. Jasmin is a freelance artist currently based in South London.
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Thanks @gingerbeer84 - a couple of years to go but keep watching this space. #whisky https://t.co/BMlzWoQ8qq

Feb 8

Join us at our crowdfunding pop-up shop in Soho to hear scary stories with Vanessa Wool in our creepy attic: https://t.co/DPrrrzHNVF

Oct 29
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