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TLDC is proud to be London's first whisky distillery since Lea Valley closed its doors for the final time over a century ago. To discover more, meet the team and learn about our beautiful copper stills, Christina and Matilda, simply scroll down or click below.

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How it all began

It is a little known fact that the inception of TLDC started long before Darren and Nick Taylor met in 2011, or when Andrew joined the Team in 2012. Really, the history of the company stretches all the way back to 1807, when a serial entrepreneur by the name of Ralph Dodd sent a prospectus to potential investors outlining his plans for a new distillery. Having grown tired of the pernicious quality of spirits being retailed at the time, establishing such a company, in his mind, was a necessity, a virtue and "a national good".

The London Distillery Company as Ralph Dodd dreamt it over two hundred years ago was never fully realised. But his vision, to provide the British public with Genuine British Spirits of the best quality and without any adulteration, is a noble one that we at TLDC continue to champion today.

Drink Genuine British Spirits.

  • Organic ingredients

    We are committed to sourcing only the purest organic ingredients – from malt to spirit to botanicals – as locally and ethically as possible.

  • Solar panels

    We are a green, eco-friendly company, and we are determined to power the distillery using only hydrocarbon-alternative energy by 2015.

  • Low carbon footprint

    We are continuously striving to lower our carbon-footprint, whether this means buying our botanicals from countries closer to home or encouraging local bakeries to use our spent grain for making bread.

  • Heat recovery

    Distilling is an energy-intensive process, so we have designed a unique cooling water system to recover heat from our copper stills for use elsewhere.

Who's making it happen

The team at TLDC is made up of accomplished professionals from all walks of life. Whether it's craft brewing, trademark law, or tree surgery, each member brings with them their own unique perspective and skill set.

TLDC’s commander-elect and entrepreneurial force is no stranger to whisk[e]y. With a decade of experience in the drinks industry, Darren has proven himself a true champion of spirits innovation and a noteworthy candidate to drive the British craft distilling movement forward.
Following an eclectic career as a successful commercial artist, model maker and chef, Graham joins the distillery team with a unique skill-set and a passion for craft. He played a pivotal role in the botanical selection and development of our award winning Dodd's gin and comes aboard as our new gin distiller to carry the Dodd's torch onward.
A professional opera singer and music teacher, wine & spirits evangelist and former Fortnum and Mason's spirit team member India brings a unique set of skills to her role as our European Sales and Administrative Co-ordinator.
As our resident Australian Joel is pursuing a dream career in whisky. Finding the Highlands a little too cold, he chose to settle in London where he developed his knowledge at The Scotch Malt Whisky Society and The Whisky Exchange. After years spent talking about whisky, Joel is now trying his hand at producing it as our trainee distiller.

We're continuously looking for talented and passionate people to join us in Battersea. So if you think you can contribute to our noble cause in some way, contact us.